Hair Salon Photos

Salon Island Estates - Clearwater, Florida

Effortless texture with no blow dry required? That's NBD. Next time you stop by, ask your stylist which of Redken's new No Blow Dry formulas is best for your hair type! #RedkenReady
Why have 1 benefit when you can have 25!? Next time you stop by, ask your stylist about this haircare all-star, Redken's One United. #RedkenReady
3 braids, 1 pony. If you're loving this runway inspired style, ask your stylist how to get the look using your fave Redken stylers! #RedkenReady
Are you all about the shine? Gorgeous shine is an important element in any hairstyle. Ask your stylist about Redken's Outshine 01 and Shine Flash 02 next time you stop by! #RedkenReady
Want tousled texture like model Sara Cummings? It’s seriously simple! Apply the NEW No Blow Dry air styler to damp hair, twist or scrunch to enhance texture, and air dry. Ask your stylist which NBD formula is best for your hair! #RedkenReady
Whether hair needs priming, texturizing or control, Redken stylers have you covered! Ask your stylist which Redken stylers are best to achieve your hair goals! #RedkenReady
Purchase any retail item at Salon Island Estates, and get entered into our drawing for a NEW BICYCLE!
This head-turning waterfall braid is the perfect look to rock this spring. Make braiding a breeze with Redken Braid Aid! Ask your stylist about Braid Aid next time you stop by! #RedkenReady
Show your hair who's boss. Redken's new No Blow Dry Bossy cream fights frizz for the perfect airdry on coarse hair types! With three versions available, ask your stylist which one is best for your hair type next time you stop by! #RedkenReady
Turn heads with Redken's Heat Styling collection. Apply every time you blow dry, curl or flat iron to protect hair from heat. Each product has Heat Restyling Technology to let you create endless looks! Ask your stylist which Redken heat styler is best for your hair! #RedkenReady
Keep your hair vibrant between salon visits. Redken's Color Extend Magnetics is now even better with the NEW RCT Protein Complex for nourishment from root to core to tip and vibrancy that lasts up to 4 weeks. Stop by and ask your stylist about Color Extend! #RedkenReady
Redken's newest must-haves? NEW Mega Masks! Stop by the salon today to learn more about these dual-chamber masks, which provide benefits that last up to 3 washes! #RedkenReady